On November 16th, Insurance Asset Management Association of China released the evaluation results of private equity investment fund managers for insurance capital investment in 2020, and DCL Investments won the highest evaluation-Class A.

This evaluation is mainly based on the regulatory policies and relevant regulations of insurance capital investing in private equity funds. It also takes the actual needs of the industry into account from 9 aspects (first-level indicators) and 50 second-level indicators. The first-level indicators include corporate management and investment team, management system and process, risk management, scale and performance, post-investment management system, legal and compliance operation, insurance cooperation, incentive and constraint, information reporting and disclosure. Among the 50 second-level indicators, 41 are investment management capabilities-related indicators and based on a bonus point system with a full score of 100 points; the other 9 are compliance operations-related indicators and based on a penalty point system with a maximum deduction of 25 points. According to the evaluation rules, the evaluation results are divided into four classes: A, B, C, and D. And class A is the highest evaluation.

According to the Provisions of Article 19 of the Private Equity Investment Fund Manager Evaluation Rules for Insurance Fund Investment (Trial) issued by Insurance Asset Management Association of China: the association may give corresponding incentives based on actual conditions for class A institutions.

DCL Investments will further enhance its service, risk control and compliance operations capabilities, and practice its investment philosophy of constructing long-term certainty in short-term uncertainties in order to obtain safe and stable investment returns for investors.