Investment Strategy

Focus on Core Assets Capture Special Situation Opportunities

DCL Investments focuses on the distressed asset investment opportunities emerging from economic transition and upgrading and participates this market by various angles. We are trying to integrate different resources, revitalize high-quality existing assets, and seize certain opportunities under the uncertain environment. For the past years, DCL Investments successfully generates stable and sustainable returns for investors.

We have a strong preference on the core assets in China’s core economic regions, conducts in-depth research and make strategic deployment in the first-tier cities and core cities in first-tier economic areas, i.e., Yangtze River Delta Region and Pearl River Delta Region, while maintaining close attention to the rapidly growing second-tier economic regions.

After years of experiences of investment and asset management, DCL Investments innovatively created a “pyramid-shaped” distressed asset investment strategy and built a diversified investment matrix that includes non-performing loans (NPLs) , distressed real asset restructuring,and distressed corporate restructuring. The powerful deal sourcing channels, the professional post-investment management and asset disposal capabilities, the tailor-made middle-desk and data center are the core competitiveness that support our current leading presence in the market.

Trusted Professional Partner in Distressed Asset Investment

Manage the largest distressed asset investment fund in RMB market
Professional team with ample experience on distressed asset investment and operation
Comprehensive in-house servicing platform with proven track record

Non-Performing Loans (NPLs)

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Focusing on geographical locations with rapid industrial transformation, solid asset quality and transparent judicial environment for NPL investment opportunities.

Distressed Real Asset Restructuring

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Focusing on distressed real asset restructuring opportunities in commercial and industrial fields, and enhancing the value of the assets through restructuring and operation.

Distressed Corporate Restructuring

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Focusing on opportunities related to high-quality companies that have certain credit difficulties due to over-leverage or cyclical fluctuation of the industry.