Along with the promotion of sustainable development concept worldwide, the sustainable investing that considers environmental, social and governance factors (known as ESG investing) is emerging.

On October 18th, DCL Investments held an internal training session of ESG investing. A colleague from the Institutional Business Department delivered the training, mainly focused on the ESG concept, the ESG investing and ESG development trends.

As the leading China onshore platform of investing, reorganizing and managing non-performing assets, DCL Investments has been highly concerning about ESG factors in its business.

In terms of eco-friendliness, DCL Investments focuses on core assets including operational properties in core regions, high-quality vessels, as well as other hard assets, which are eco-friendly existing assets. DCL has adhered to the principal of eco-friendliness when restoring the value of these assets. For example, when restructuring Weibo Times Center located in Beijing Zhongguancun business district, DCL not only actively applied environmental-friendly materials and equipment, but also improved natural lightening, in order to save more energy and reduce emissions.

In terms of social impacts and corporate governance, following ‘Guiding Opinions of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission on the Insurance Industry to Support the Development of the Real Economy’ issued by the original China Insurance Regulatory Commission on May 4th 2017, DCL Investments focuses on reorganization and revitalization of distressed companies and assets, which contributes to society and corporate governance improvement. Taking the reorganization of Fenghai Shipping Company as an example, after controlling the company through the bankruptcy restructuring process, DCL will hopefully revitalize distressed assets of high quality, create sustainable employment opportunities and advances high-standard safety guards of chemical transportation, through the improvement of corporate governance, the elevation of management efficiency, the recruitment of industry professionals and various other measures.

Going forward, DCL will continue to take more ESG trainings, facilitate ESG standards to be fully integrated into corporate governance and business development, and improve ESG governance comprehensively, in order to promote sustainable development of economic growth, environmental friendliness, and social harmony.