Investment Strategies

Distressed Corporate Restructuring

We focus on opportunities related to high-quality companies that have certain credit difficulties due to over-leverage or cyclical fluctuations of the industry. We specifically pay attention to companies in emerging or growing industry, and our investment angle includes debt-equity swap and corporate restructuring. Specifically, after purchasing distressed loans mentioned above, we perform loan-to-equity , through the process of debt restructuring or bankruptcy reorganization, and offer liquidity to the company. After improving the operational status and management, capabilities and bringing the troubled company out of short-term difficulties, we will seek various pathways to gradually step out and close the deal. In the meanwhile, we are actively looking at equity investment opportunities in the distressed asset operation and management related companies.

Our past experience and first-mover advantage help us source high-quality deals that fit our investment criteria in a wide-range basis. The background of highly compound management team, as well as the abundant experience in bankruptcy restructuring, loan to equity, direct equity investment and corporate governance, are the key fundamentals for our success in this strategy.