Investment Strategies

Distressed Real Asset Restructuring

We focus on distressed real asset restructuring opportunities in commercial and industrial fields, especially mispriced distressed assets due to insufficient capital, poor management or unsuitable leasing strategies. We see value added potentials in such kind of deals which may make full use of the professional skillsets and resources on the DCL platform. Through the acquisition of debts or equities of the related.

distressed real assets held by commercial banks, asset management companies or other financial institutions, we eventually obtain the distressed real assets, and enhance the value of those assets if necessary, by introducing professional property renovation and operation team and restore the intrinsic value of the real assets. We are looking for steady rental income throughout the holding period and significant capital appreciation by the time of exit.

We have gained rich experience in real asset restructuring, and our expertise is to locate those distressed asset deals from various types of distressed loans. We’ve built up solid relationships with most major players in real estate investment, asset management and consultant.