鼎一动态 | 鼎一投资荣获英国《金融时报》“中国创新企业”奖

On November 12, 2019, the Financial Times 2019 China Summit, co-sponsored by the Financial Times and FT Chinese Network, was held in Hangzhou on the theme of “Current Situation and Prospects”. DCL Investments won the “Chinese Innovative Enterprise” award issued by the Financial Times in 2019. 

鼎一动态 | 鼎一投资荣获英国《金融时报》“中国创新企业”奖

The forum gathered 12 experts, scholars and business executives from various fields such as economics, finance, communications, medical care, and education to deliver in-depth keynote speeches, attracting more than 350 people from government agencies, business circles, chambers of commerce, colleges and research institutions and representatives from the media attended and discussed the future exploration and practice of cross-field.

鼎一动态 | 鼎一投资荣获英国《金融时报》“中国创新企业”奖

After the forum, Ms. Selina Zheng, president of DCL Investments, said: “Innovation” is the source of the company’s prosperity, and it is the result of millions of thoughts, explorations and practices by a group of people. In the five-year journey,“Innovation” is the most truthful evaluation of DCL’s group of young people who constantly challenge themselves, innovate themselves, and work hard. I look forward to focusing on the present, constructing long-term certainty in the short-term uncertainty, thereby crossing the cycle, creating value, and obtaining satisfactory returns with all my friends .

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